Bust Magazine Fall Fashion Issue


Thanks, Bust, for making Fall Fashion about raw-materials-sparing self-expression, rather than slavish submission. The August/September issue could easily be called the "Re-use Edition." Check out the interview with Our Lady of Vintage Conversion and Controversy, Imitation of Christ's Tara Subkoff. Hear from Zana Akane Isutakawa who constructs her Akane Clothing from 75% re-used fabrics. For those of you who are into sewing and snail mail, find out about the Garment Remake Exchange. Learn how to alter your own clothes! And, for the adventurous, Freegan-leaning set, get tips on adorning yourself with thrown out treasures. It's all about TreeHugging on the DL. For more re-use fun, check out our umbrella couture competition. :: Bust