Buenos Aires Fashion Week Winter 2009: Slow Fashion, Local Materials, Sustainable Sponsors

Buenos Aires Fashion Week Fall Winter 2009 Photo

Photos: Paula Alvarado.

Last week it was that time of the season when Buenos Aires becomes glamorous and a little shallow: Fashion Week. For the last two seasons we've seen some presence of green in the event (check our coverage for last winter and last summer) and we our hopes up for this one, with the environmental design movement growing in the city.

Even though green hasn't jumped to the runway yet, the presence of conscious design in general was pretty interesting. In this first post find a slow-fashion brand with beautiful garments, the event's push for local materials and the presence of green sponsors. Keep going for pictures!Ana Livni Slow Fashion

One of the brands present in the showroom area of the event was Ana Livni, a small firm from Uruguay that has been working with the concept of slow fashion for the past two years.

We've talked about slow fashion before: as the slow food movement, it's the idea of treating clothes easier and not acquiring just out of sport.

"We love the slow movement concepts and we began adopting this idea applied to fashion a few years ago," says Fernando Escuder, one of the creators of the brand along with Ana Livni. "Our idea is to produce garments that are not trendy, not commercial, and not associated with the shopping culture".

Ana Livni Slow Fashion Jacket Photo

Ana Livni's natural wool jacket, hand painted.

The brand does limited edition and unique pieces, with artisan confection and hand-painted patterns. They also work with natural materials such as wool and reutilize their own and other industries' waste. For example, they have a coat made with pattern samples from a suit factory that looks amazing.

Ana Livni Slow Fashion Coat Photo

The jacket with pattern samples.

The brand also worries about local resources and work, and therefore gets most of their material from Uruguay and produce the clothes with local people.

Ana Livni Slow Fashion Sweater Photo

Another natural wool sweater, hand painted.

Apart from the conscious production, the brand has especial tags that call to conscious buying. "Say no to consumerism. Say yes to ethical and responsible consume."

Ana Livni Slow Fashion Tags Photo

Buenos Aires Fashion Week Pushing Local

Another interesting aspect of this season's fashion week was that the show continued its quest to promote local materials from Argentina. Last season it was cotton, this winter it was wool, which Argentina is a major producer of (even of organic wool).

The event's campaign showed interesting uses of wool to promote the use of the material in designers and inside the event there was a nice lounge with great implementations of the material.

Buenos Aires Fashion Week Winter 09 Wool Photo

The installation showing wool products.
Buenos Aires Fashion Week Winter 09 Campaign Wool Photo

Campaign encouraging use of Argentine wool.
Buenos Aires Fashion Week Winter 09 Campaign Wool Photo

Another image of the campaign.
Green Sponsors

Last for this first post, we were pleased to see that the Buenos Aires Fashion Week had a major green sponsor, which made sustainable products very present during the event.

The brand was Natura, a Brazilian cosmetics company we have talked about before famous for its products with natural materials and its great efforts in recycling and providing refills for their products.

BAF Week Winter 2009 Natura Photo

We have more to tell about fashion week! So come back tomorrow for a clothing brand that works with waste from the tights industry and the green design exhibition that showed at the event.

UPDATE: Second Part of Buenos Aires Fashion Week Fall Winter 09 Coverage
Ana Livni
Buenos Aires Fashion Week

Via Personal coverage of event

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