Buenos Aires Fashion Week Winter 2009 II: Recycled Tights in Clothing, a Green Design Exhibit

Buenos Aires Fashion Week Fall Winter 2009 Photo

Photos: Paula Alvarado.

Yesterday we gave you the first part of our coverage of the Buenos Aires Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2009. In this second and final delivery, find Cosecha Vintage, a new brand that incorporates recycled tights into clothing; and take a look at some of the experimental designs that were presented by the city's Metropolitan Design Center as part of its program, "Integrating the future."

Many pics are waiting so read on!Cosecha Vintage, Clothes with Recycled Tights

A new brand working with recovered materials entered our radar during fashion week (remember there are many in Buenos Aires, including Mestiza and Dominique Besanson, to name a few): Cosecha Vintage.

Cosecha Vintage Coat with Recycled Tights Photo

Its designer, Alejandra Gougy, makes garments inspired by old times (hence the name) and incorporates discarded industrial materials in the confection. For this collection she chose tights, which she knitted, knotted, and made fabrics with. The tights are so much embedded in the clothes that constitute 70% of the materials used in this collection (in some garments it's evident, in others you don't really see them until she points the pieces out).

Cosecha Vintage Dress with Recycled Tights Photo

She sells at a store in San Isidro, a Buenos Aires suburb located 20 minutes from the city. For more info and contact pay a visit to her website.

Cosecha Vintage Coat with Recycled Tights Photo

Cosecha Vintage Coat with Recycled Tights Photo

Integrating the Future, a Green Design Show

The last aspect of the Buenos Aires Fashion Week we'd like to highlight is a green design exhibition mounted by the Metropolitan Design Center, which presented some experimental pieces by local designers.

Green Design Exhibit at Buenos Aires Fashion Week Photo

Most of them already featured in TreeHugger, they did show, however, some new pieces and some pretty funky ones.

One example was Gabriela Horvat, who showed these weird, baskets? made with natural wool and tire-straps. Now we're not sure about the utility of these but they sure are something.

Gabriela Horvat Accessories with Wool and Tires Photo

Gabriela Horvat Accessories with Wool and Tires Photo

Then there was Azzularq, a brand that makes these home accessories with recycled fabrics.

Azzularq Home Accessories with Recycled Fabrics Photo

Finally, we bumped into this seriously cool dress from the fellows at 12-Na, made with repurposed clothes.

12 Na Dress from Recycled Clothes Photo

All along, this season's fashion week was pretty good in green presence. We still want to see the big brands going with sustainable fabrics and calling for green action in the catwalk area, but we left happy with our findings.

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