Buenos Aires Fashion Week Winter 2008

Buenos Aires Fashion Week, winter 2008.

It's fashion week in Buenos Aires, and from February 25th until 29, designers have gathered at La Rural to share their styles for the starting winter. Even though the event didn't have the green actions it had last year, we were glad to see at least some exponents of responsible fashion (especially accessories).

It's fair to say that the BAF Week has gone through lots of organizational changes over the last years, so it's no wonder that they haven't been able to focus on green or responsible actions. However, some green details from the organization and sponsors included a sign that read "re-use" in the press material and the presence of Honda asking people to "make taking care of our world fashionable."

Keep reading for our responsible fashion finds in pictures!Last year, the BAF Week had had a start of green presence, when Paseo Alcorta shopping mall (main sponsor) put up an installation focusing on responsible consume. The space included garments with recovered materials and informative texts on how to reduce waste.

However, and as mentioned, the event has gone through many changes so it is remarkable that it could be done. And at least, it had the little greenish details mentioned above and the presence of some responsible jewelry designers in the showroom area.

Among them, Gabriela Horvat, a young jewelry creator that produces all her pieces with natural wool and silk bought from small producers in the south of Argentina and Buenos Aires. Besides the materials being not industrialized, her pieces are beautiful. "This roughness of the materials when they come from artisans hands is what I want to show in my pieces," she says.

Gabriela Horvat jewelry at BAF Week winter 2008.

Gabriela Horvat jewelry.

Gabriela Horvat jewelry at BAF Week winter 2008.

Another necklace by Gabriela Horvat.

The second designer we spotted was Mariana Callis, who does accessories with new and recovered fabrics in small pieces, reusing every little shape she has left. Kind of reminds us to our previously featured Silvina Romero: reducing waste out of need.

Mariana Callis Jewelry at BAF Week winter 2008.

Mariana Callis fabric accessories.

Mariana Callis Jewelry at BAF Week winter 2008.

A necklace with different fabric pieces, also by Mariana Callis.

While inside the showrooms space, we also spotted our previously covered Tota Reciclados brand. Valeria Hasse and Marcela Muniz, the brand designers, produce every piece of their jewelry collections from recovered materials. The result are incredibly crafted pieces with a history.

Tota Reciclados at BAF Week winter 2008.

Tota reciclados necklace.

Honda at BAF Week 2008.

The Honda space. Even though hybrids are not available in Argentina, the brand was present with a car with the sign "let's make taking care of our world fashionable," and another one that said, "we are leaders in taking care of the environment."

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