BuddhiWear Offers 20% Off Organic Family Apparel

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Kelly Neylan, founded BuddhiWear with a mission: to offer yoga wear made with 100% organic cotton at an affordable price but wearable at the same time. The company features eco-friendly casual and fitness apparel with "a flare for Yoga, Pilates, Energy Healing (Reiki), the Environment, and all things Positive." offer apparel for the entire family women, men, children, and babies. The garments are not only super soft and don't fade, but they are also made from organic cotton, and are sweatshop labor free. Kelly tells us that some of the more popular designs among the BuddiWear collection are Karma, Yoga Diva, Meditation Tree, Yoga Moms Rock!, Be the Change You Wish to See in the World, and I'm Just Here For Savasana. BuddhiWear is offering TreeHugger readers a 20% discount on your entire order through June 1, 2009. Bonus: BuddhiWear plants a tree for every garment sold through Trees for Future. Don't forget to check out the Mother's Day section! Promotion code: TREEHUGGER. BuddhiWear
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