Bubble Wrap Wedding Dress and Hats Hit the Fashion Scene

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Image from stylelist

Here comes the bride.... This blushing bride wore a dress made out of 13 feet of bubble wrap as she walked down the aisle. Her train was another three feet. She looks so great!

It was first seen on the catwalk--sort of--at a fashion show featuring recyclable materials at her school . When her fiancé proposed to her (in Canada--such a romantic place) she decided then and there to wear this creation to the wedding.

The dress is made from sheets of carefully stitched bubble wrap, attached to an inner cloth lining, and finished off with white foam packaging material and Haribo sweets (little candies).

Beware ladies, it is slightly noisy. As the bride said: "There was quite a lot of popping as I walked up the aisle, I was very nervous but having the bubbles to pop at hand really helped."

The groom was appropriately enchanted. He said: 'She looked incredible. It's an amazing dress and just goes to show what can be done with unusual materials."

The bride and groom are both quite ecologically minded. Her husband kept up his part of the show by wearing recycled shoes. They got married on a farm, and the wedding carpet was made out of grass and flowers.

Obviously a practical woman; she has already chopped off the bottom part so that she can wear it to cocktail parties. She should meet up with the woman last year who got married in a dress made of wool from her own sheep.

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Images from Bernstock Speirs

If you don't have a wedding to go to, or you need a hat for the next party, you too can wear bubble wrap. It's created by famous hat makers to the celeb's Bernstock Speirs.

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Their hats are witty, fashionable and sporty; so no tea at Buckingham Palace with this lot. But the bubble hats, for men and women, should keep you dry in the rain. Both are in clear bubble with black cotton trim. Yours for only £20. The wedding dress was probably cheaper!

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