BtheNV Designs: Sustainable Jewelry


Let’s face it ladies, we love to accessorize. And thanks to Daily Candy we discovered these earrings and have to say that we love them. Not only are they so very stylish but here’s what we really like: they are made from recycled magazines (oh, and they’re made up the road from us in Barrington, RI too). RISD graduate Nancy Vayo (NV) and her sister B formed their company, BtheNV (be the envy), to carry on a family tradition of craft, love of life, liberty from the same old same old and the pursuit of happiness. Together they cut out strips from magazines then laminate and twist them into a line of beautiful yet lightweight hoopy jewelry. You can browse through their gallery of earrings and pendants online and shop through their online store. We love the price too (around $20 or so) considering each piece is handmade and one-of-a-kind. Via ::Daily Candy ::BtheNV

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