Britney Spears: Baldness is an Environmentally Responsible Choice

Ah, the good old days, when Britney's Zeitgeist-ing life choices centered around affecting a British accent and eco-mom-ing it. In case you're in some sort of subterranean bliss, Britney Spears went all Sinead on us this weekend. I'm choosing not to focus on the media's carnivorous appetite for the pretty women they've helped make "train wrecks" so far this year: pseudo-lesbian Miss Teen USA, Anna Nicole, Lindsey Lohan, Britney. Instead, I'll call Britney's new head a sound eco-choice. It must take far less water to scrub a scalp than to do what most of us do: stand under gallons of running water washing our hair. You go, Britney! More tips on greening your haircare here, here, and here. Learn about dyeing here. ::Defamer