Bread & Butter Berlin: What Color Nail Polish do Europeans Wear?

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Photo via Bread & Butter

While I did not notice a tremendous focus by the organizers of Bread & Butter (Winter collection 2010) on the environment, they did have a big marketing campaign for B&B; for Charity, which "aims to raise and support social awareness," according to press material, and benefits Die Arche, a charity supporting children and young people in need.

Translation: You could pick up limited addition shirts and sweatshirts at the fair and paint your nails for a charitable cause year around with the best-selling colors from trend-setting European stores Colette/Paris, WoodWood/Berlin, and Henrik Vibskov/Copenhagen. Think electric blue and not-found-in-nature purple.

bread butter nail polish photo

Photo copyright Mairi Beautyman

The polish from the BBB by Uslu Airlines line (in 11 colors) retails for 11 euro. Press material also pushes it as a wise investment for retailers:

A very low initial investment and an easy sell. Nail polish generates much better income per square meter than most fashion items. Margins are stable year round, nail polish has no seasons and no mark-downs.

While this nail polish is certainly not as green as the ones in our nail polish buy guide, a high profile philanthropic effort at a major fashion event deserves a nod.

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