Bread & Butter Berlin: Simple Shoes' Soles Biodegrade 980 Years Faster

simple shoes bread butter photo

Women's Fall 2010 collection from Simple Shoes. Photo copyright Mairi Beautyman

Today kicked off Fashion Week in Berlin, meaning that this city that already oozes hipness is swarming with the well-heeled fashion crowd. For the next few days, I'll be covering the latest and greatest green gear coming out of both Bread & Butter (Winter collection 2010) and the exclusively sustainability-focused, two of the mega fashion events in the city.

Speaking of heels, the latest BIO-D Biodegradable Shoes from Simple Shoes in punchy colors are just so cool. "The big problem with shoes is the sole," Thomas Briel, the company's public relations manager told me. "It takes about 1,000 years to compost the average shoe -- and a mere 20 for the Bio-Ds." To put that in perspective, that's the total amount of time for two cigarette butts.

simple shoes bread butter photo

Men's Fall 2010 collection from Simple Shoes. Photo copyright Mairi Beautyman

So my nagging worry was, does it decompose on your foot? Because that would certainly shorten the life cycle--not to mention sounds..umm..sounds smelly. This is where the smart science comes in: The sole doesn't start to biodegrade until confronted with the anaerobic and aerobic conditions at a landfill.

For more information on the green materials that go into the shoe (yep, the body is green too) check out our coverage of the launch of Simple Shoes' Spring 2010 collection last fall.

With this look at the Fall collection, seems the designs just get better: Think eco savvy guys who may or may not skateboard but love that alternative sport look in a shoe or green girls looking for a high-top with the slim silhouette so perfect with skinny jeans. Prices range from 90 to 120 euro.

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