Bread & Butter Berlin: Planet Earth's High-Performance Gear Made of PET Bottles


Planet Earth's Tread jacket, new for Fall/Winter 2010. Photo copyright Mairi Beautyman

If you think of high performance sporting gear made from PET bottles, probably the first name that comes to mind is Patagonia -- personally, I'm a big fan of the Women's Coolweather Tights and Stretch Velocity Hoody. But Patagonia is not the only company pushing this abundant waste material into a whole new realm. Seattle-based Planet Earth -- another firm I came across at Bread & Butter (Winter collection 2010) -- is one to watch. Founded by professional skateboarder Chris Miller in 1990, the company skillfully walks the line of function and fashion, while giving that PET bottle destined for landfill new life.


The Fall/Winter 2010 Down Jacket in Heat Wave Orange. Photo copyright Mairi Beautyman

To keep the prices down, the company (which we first covered in 2007) focuses on blends of organic and virgin cotton and recycled and virgin PET. Meaning: It could be greener, but continuous fabric experimentation ensures improvement in the future. "Everything cotton contains organic, everything polyester contains recycled PET," Planet Earth sales rep Siamak Djafarzadeh told me.

Pieces for Fall/Winter 2010, all available for men and women, include the Tread jacket, described as "a textured tweed look with utility influence engineered," with a 60 percent recycled polyester shell and 100 percent recyclable polyester lining. Also in the lineup is the Down Jacket in 51 percent recycled polyester and the Slim Fit 5-pocket Jean in 60 percent organic cotton.

planet earth eco clothing photo

The slim fit 5-pocket jean in black rinse wash (left) and overdyed black wash (right), both new for Fall/Winter 2010. Photo copyright Mairi Beautyman

All of the pieces boast formaldehyde-free inks and the fabric dyes; all hardware is recycled copper; all outerwear coatings are PFC chemical-free; and all packaging is 100 percent recycled polyester which is also recyclable. Prices are around 30 euros for a t-shirt; 70 euros for a pair of jeans; and 200 euros for a jacket.

The company is currently working on ways to recycle old jackets. Check out the Planet Earth Spring/Summer 2010 line here.

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