Bread & Butter Berlin: Knowledge Cotton Apparel's Sexy Green Nerd Look

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Photos courtesy of Knowledge Cotton Apparel

Oh nerdy can be so sexy. Especially when we're talking certified organic cotton nerd -- or maybe I'm just getting carried away by this model's glasses. Anyway, Danish company Knowledge Cotton Apparel, another firm I came across at Bread & Butter (Winter collection 2010) delivers up the prep with chunky cardigans, striped sweaters, puffy jackets, and more -- and yep, everything they produce is 100 percent certified organic cotton.

As all green nerds know, organic cotton is the way to go, as each T-shirt made from conventional (non-Organic) Cotton uses 165 grams of synthetic fertilizers and farm chemicals.knowledge cotton apparel photo
Photos courtesy of Knowledge Cotton Apparel

Knowledge Cotton Apparel is not new to the scene -- the company's roots date back to 1969, and it started working with organic fabric 20 years ago. The first award for sustainability came 10 years ago, sales manager Jannik Heide told me. The line includes t-shirts, henleys, and button-down shirts retailing at 50-95 euros, knitwear retailing at 120-200 euro, and jackets retailing at 200-400 euro.

knowledge cotton apparel photo
The inside of a red puffer jacket lets everyone know what kind of clothing you wear. Photo copyright Mairi Beautyman

Heide explained the company's philosophy:

Our biggest challenge is making it affordable. You have to combine style and design. Design is #1. If it doesn't look good, then forget about it. Our company is based on four principals - design, quality, history, and sustainability in that order. We list sustainability fourth, because, frankly, it does not go down well with our costumers to mention it first. Not many know you can combine stylish fashion with the organic way of thinking.

While all cotton sourced is 100 percent certified organic cotton, the company also plays with recycled polyester (PET bottles) and recycled wool. The cotton comes from Peru -- which along with Turkey is one of the major sources of organic cotton to the fashion industry. The decision, Heide says, is one of quality: more stable fibers.

knowledge cotton apparel photo
Photo copyright Mairi Beautyman

At the company's Bread & Butter booth, Heide also introduced me to two of his favorite organic beverages: the thick and creamy Cocio all natural chocolate milk and Valnød beer.

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