Bread & Butter Berlin: Fashion Label Humanity Addresses...Well Just About Everything

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From Mother Teresa, to Rosa Parks, to Nelson Mandela, to Hurricane Katrina to water conservation and Sponge Bob's eco-themed birthday, fashion label Humanity designs for a remarkable range of social causes. At Bread & Butter (Winter collection 2010), I came across the label's positive message-themed leather bracelets ($24 or $28 with cristals), which spread good feeling in a hipster rocker kind of way -- a bit like an updated version of the peace sign necklace that was such a hit in the 1970s. humanity bracelet photo
Photo copyright Mairi Beautyman

I also saw scarves with retro graphics, totally wearable for urbanites, despite slightly kitsch phrases like "faith," lead the way," freedom," and "sow love."

humanity bracelet photo
Photo copyright Mairi Beautyman

While the bracelets and the scarves don't have a strong green message (other than promoting slightly squishy feelings of respect and kindness), the company's 10th anniversary Sponge Bob shirts, a collaboration with Nickelodeon, helped "support the National Wildlife Federation and the Natural Resources Defense Council's efforts to raise awareness for the conservation and protection of wildlife and our natural resources," according to the Humanity Web site.

humanity clean water photo
A men's tee with a water conservation message.

Humanity also has a men's tee delivering a water conservation message in the form of an abstract fish and a women's tee promoting hope and rebuilding efforts after Hurricane Katrina with the abstract face of a woman.

While a much stronger statement could be made with organic or sustainable materials, Humanity gets a gold star for transferring positive messages into appealing, edgy fashion.

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