Bread & Butter Berlin: Costo Recycled Hats Solve the Pom-pom Problem

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Photo copyright Mairi Beautyman

To pom-pom or not to pom-pom? That is a question Finnish company Costo solves by making them removable. Costo is another savvy green company I came across while prowling through Bread & Butter's fall 2010 collection in Berlin (check out my first post in this series on Simple Shoes).

Costo's jaunty caps are made out of post-industrial fabric -- say the remnants of leather used to upholster a couch or woven bags used for industrial transport.

costo hats photo

Photos courtesy of Costo

Plus, the hats are suitable for all walks of life, or as the press material states,

A Costo hat may be sported by an elegant elderly lady striving for old-school stylishness or by and urban hipster who follows the latest street fashion. Costo's style is in fact an anti-style. It goes against the prevailing throw-awayism, where things are produced only for a moment's pleasure.

A hat that doesn't waste raw materials? Flaunt it with pride. Afterall, as John Oldham said, "...all your future lies beneath your hat."

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