Brazilian Sustainable Design Featured in the JC Report


Last edition of The JC Report fashion trends newsletter was devoted to sustainability, and one of the special features was Brazil. According to the publication, in this country "there's a lot of buzz about socially responsible materials and processing, non-transgenic textiles, and how 20% of foods available at supermarkets are organic". Among the companies and products presented are our previously featured Natura, Amazon Life (yellow bag in the picture) and Treetap, and new fellows for us like Clube Chocolate, Flor and Mana Bernardes. The first one is a chic store and restaurant that sells only organic food with certification from IDB (Biodynamic Institute Certification Association). The second, a fashion label by designers Eduardo and Juliana Fregonesi that has a line of accessories made with certified wood (girl picture). The third is an artist who produces jewelry mixing materials such as pet bottles or plastic fishnet sacks with gold, pearls and silver. Bernardes has her work displayed in New Yorks's Chelsea Art Museum, and Collette's and Rio's store windows. Find out more at the original article. ::JC Report

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