Brazilian Blowout Won't Go Down Without a Frizz-Free Fight

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The Brazilian Blowout Controversy Continues
First the Oregon Health & Science University's Center for Research on Occupational and Environmental Toxicology released lab results revealing that "formulations of Brazilian Blowout contain between 4.85 percent and 10.6 percent formaldehyde," then California Attorney General Dennis Regan filed a lawsuit against the brand for their failure to warn consumers and cosmetic workers that their hair treatment formula contains "high levels of formaldehyde," and now, Brazilian Blowout has filed a lawsuit against Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) demanding that they stop reporting false and misleading test results about its hair smoothing product, called "Acai Professional Smoothing Solution."
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Photo: Brazilian Blowout Complaint

Women's Wear Daily (WWD) reports:

The lawsuit specifically states that OSHA's labs improperly combined the levels of methylene glycol, a liquid, and formaldehyde, a gas, and that OSHA's air monitoring results, while conducted in a way that could negatively impact results, showed that Brazilian Blowout had acceptable levels of formaldehyde.

At roughly $500 a pop, for the shiny, frizz-free hair solution, it's certainly not cheap. WWD is reporting that the salon industry may have the most to lose if Brazilian Blowout does not prove its formulas are safe for use in salons and by consumers because of the impact it would have on industry sales -- which could mean a loss of tens of millions of dollars in revenue. And with salons across the country nixing the service altogether, and Canada's ban on the haircare service, a "domino affect" has already started.

Download the complaint at Brazilian Blowout Complaint. Read more at WWD.

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