"BP Cares" T-shirt (With Oil Stains)

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Photo: StreetGiant
So much for "Beyond Petroleum"...
The BP oil spill has been going on for so long that t-shirts about it are coming out. A few weeks ago, we wrote about the clever "BP: Bringing Oil to American Shores" t-shirt. One of the latest BP t-shirt (see above and below) simply says "BP Cares" with an oil-stained logo. So much for "Beyond Petroleum"...
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We Care a Lot
I'm not very happy about people making money off this tragedy - unless they're trying to raise money to help with the clean up or something like that - so I wouldn't encourage you to buy this t-shirt. But I think it definitely makes a statement about how BP has handled the situation so far, and how people are losing the little faith that they might have had in the company; from the start they've been trying to downplay the scale of the problem (they're now denying the existence of underwater oil plumes) and tried to point the finger elsewhere instead of taking full responsibility.

Many also wonder if the leak couldn't have been stopped a lot earlier if BP had tried more permanent ways to seal the well from the start instead of trying to siphon the oil.

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Via Street Giant
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