Book Review: Nature Babies


Tara Jon Manning, Zen queen of compassionate and mindful knitting, shows us why we should use yarns as soft and pure as the little tykes who'll be wearing them in Nature Babies ($27.50, 2006, Potter Craft), a guide to knitting for moms, babies, and a better world using organic and all-natural, buttery soft yarns.

Whether it's cozies for baby bottles (which baby wants a cold bottle? Manning asks), a luxurious nursing shawl for mama, or play cubes and silly hats made from recycled felt, you'll find precious heirloom pieces that will introduce your child to lovingly crafted, non-disposable goods created in rhythm with the planet, without toxic pesticides, polluting chemical dyes, or synthetic extras. After all, do you want the unspeakable horror of Monsanto lurking around the nursery? We sure don't. Another picture below the fold. ::Nature Babies

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