Bono, Edun Live, and CBS Team Up To Make Organic "Survivor" T-Shirts in Africa

Image courtesy of CBS

Oh, Bono—is there anything you can't do? This time, the world famous rock star/hip philanthropist/sunglasses sporting all-around-do-gooder has entered into a deal between his company, Edun Live, and CBS Products to help stimulate employment growth in Sub-Saharan Africa (and, of course, to promote the upcoming show Survivor: Gabon). African Survivor T-Shirts Made from African Cotton
The Survivor t-shirts will be ethically made in Africa, by local African residents. The shirts will be made from 100 percent African cotton. According to the Edun Live CEO Christian Kemp-Griffin, "Our collaboration is exciting to the people working on this product in sub-Saharan Africa as it creates additional income resources and ultimately achieves a better quality of life since every step of the supply chain goes back to the people working on the product."

Edun Live was created in 2005, and its focus is to create sustainable employment in developing economies, and is spearheaded by Bono and his wife, Ali Hewson.

You can snag one of the socially conscious Survivor tees at the CBS Store online, for around $25 dollars each.

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