Bold Earrings Win Vuvuzela Recycling Contest

wozela recycled vuvuzela earrings photo

The winning earrings. Photo: WoZela.

It faced tough competition from concepts for Christmas trees, toilet-paper holders, and lamps, but Megan Bernstein's design for big, colorful earrings beat them all out, becoming the winner of WoZela's vuvuzela recycling competition.The contest, sponsored by two South African advertising firms, drew more than 100 entries suggesting ways to reuse or recycle the plastic horns that blared throughout this year's World Cup matches.

Helping Local Craftspeople
Bernstein's hoop earrings, which the Associated Press described as consisting of "circular cross-sections of the long, hollow horn," were the clear favorite of the jury of local artists and designers. Event organizer Matt Blitz said the design also met the goal of generating ideas that actually could be produced by local artisans in order to benefit the community.

"They're not just an aesthetic reuse," he said. "They could become a product that community artists could construct to create their own revenue."

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