Boku's paperback journals

Not ready yet to go E-Paper ? No worry, you can save your conscience while keeping your beloved pen and paper habits : BokuBooks, based in Oakland, holds more than just aesthetics and quality commitments. Inspired by museum and galleries printbooks, the new Bokubooks line delivers simplicity within an environmental friendly process : text paper in their books uses a mix of tree-free kenaf fiber (30%) and recycled sheet (70%).BokuBooks' website explains the choice of this specific crop : Kenaf is a 4000 year old crop that originated in Africa, and now grows well in many parts of the U.S. The plant's fiber yield is nearly five times greater than that of Southern Pine trees, and requires no fertilizers or pesticides for growth. Kenaf fiber papers are energy efficient to process, while using fewer chemicals and no chlorine compounds. with such processes there is no doubt that paper is going to be around for a while...

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