Boho Summer Jewellery


The "boho" look has been declared finished here in London, but judging by the streets, stylish girls don't seem to have followed orders. That's because the ethnic look is such a natural for summer--reeking of long hot days and nights on beaches from Goa to Ibiza. Here are some of the nicest bangle bracelets, necklaces and scarves out there. Who could resist these pretty semi-precious stone bracelets, hand-threaded by Chinese women who rely solely on selling them for their income. They come in coral, turquoise and mother of pearl. For the more natural look, there are sustainable Vietnamese rosewood bracelets, worn with a masai coloured beaded bracelet for a great combination. For the necklace: a colourful, double strand of glass marbles in vivid shades of turquoise, dark blue, red and amber glass interspersed with silvery beads, made by hand, in India, with proceeds going to funding sporting opportunities for children in Delhi. To top it off: an elegant glittery shawl of hand woven silk with sequins throughout for that perfect evening cover-up. Designed by two Bengali designers who work closely with rural weavers, Bai Lou has grown from 2 to 100 weavers since they began in the back streets of Kolkata.