Bloom Into Style With Giant Dwarf's Rosette Headbands

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Photo credit: Giant Dwarf

Gray today, gray yesterday, gray tomorrow; obviously the Jersey weather forecast is in denial about spring. Where are the pink-nosed, twitterpated bunnies frolicking among fields of daffodils? The freewheeling bluebirds dovetailing in merriment over the post-winter thaw? The quiet whirring sounds of young men's fancies turning to thoughts of love?

But just because the local meteorological gods didn't get the memo—much fist-shaking at the sky takes place at this writer's perch—it doesn't mean that your wardrobe has to stay in mourning. Not for the faint of heart, Giant Dwarf's Rosette Fascinator headbands offer one colossal burst of color to fend off any weather-related doldrums. Available online at Etsy for $30, each hairpiece sports a bouquet of hand-folded wool-felt blossoms stitched to a hidden elastic band. The Flapper-esque designs, which give you the appearance of a cloche sans chapeau, are perfect for taming wanton locks and instantly transforming an unruly hair-don't into a do-me do.

Giant Dwarf designer Sue Eggen does more than headbands, however. The crafty lady can also be found repurposing vintage textiles and preloved fabrics into jaunty handbags or cannibalizing unwanted sweaters for baby and grownup hats.

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