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Blissoma BLENDS just launched three new fall flavors in their perfume oil line. Maybe we should call these "scents" rather than perfumes because perfume has such a bad connotation. These petroleum-free, non-synthetic scents are created to help you smell like the season without many of the toxic additives common to traditional perfumes.What makes Blissoma BLENDS different?

Blissoma BLENDS perfumes, made by Irie Star, are all vegan-based, made from 100% plants, and are not tested on animals, nor do they use any animal-derived ingredients. The "recipe" for each perfume oil contains 80% organic ingredients - things like organic jojoba oil, organic apricot kernel oil, and organic rose geranium. The perfumes also contain no "absolutes" which are common in traditional perfumes and leave petroleum residues in perfume.

Julie Longyear, the artisan that creates these scents, was recently admitted to the Natural Perfumers Guild for her talent blending scents using traditional methods. She keeps the perfume oils toxin-free by creating scents using steam-distilled natural oils and CO2 extracts to ensure that they are 100% solvent-free.

What is a CO2 extract?

Well according to Julie Longyear, maker of the blends,:

"In case you are not familiar with what a CO2 extract is, it is plant material that has been extracted using carbon dioxide as a solvent - a completely clean method. The CO2 is hypercooled and put under great pressure, which forces it to become a liquid. The herb materials are then submerged in it, it extracts the active materials, then the pressure and temperature are normalized. The CO2 goes back to being a gas leaving a completely clean extract behind. No solvent residue whatsoever."

If you are expecting traditional, sugary-sweet perfume scents, you may be disappointed as these scents are based around natural, aromatherapy ideals and blended to match the season. The oils are created to be applied to pulse points, not your entire body, and only last for 3 hours.

How are the Scents Created?

According to Longyear,

The formulation process for me begins partly with a list and samples of all the oils that I can access in organic form, a concept of who I am formulating for (man, woman) and for these a thought of what scents express aspects of a particular season - fall or spring. You can't be too literal or else it is cliche (ie no one wants to smell like a cinnamon bun when they are purchasing a high class scent) but people can be a tad restrictive with personal scent choices, so you have to remain within certain limits of the concept of what a perfume should be. Some people only want Gardenia, or Rose. So how to provide something that people will truly enjoy wearing that still represents a new point of view? That becomes an intuitive thing, and I hope I've accomplished it.

Their Sweet Something perfume oil has a woody, citrus scent. Actually it contains organic rose geranium, frankincense, cedar wood, and orris wood. This scent was created for the fall, and that is apparent when the different scents blend together to make a rich, layered smell. The Beloved Everlasting perfume oil reminds me more of a mixture between citrus and licorice. The Earthly Delight perfume oil was harder for me to pinpoint - something like a chewy, gummy candy, but not my favorite scent - not sure that I would want to wear that all day long.

Each of the perfumes comes in a handy lipstick-sized bottle which makes for an easy travel partner. The roll-on applicator makes it easy to put the scent where you want it without hosing down everyone else around you. Each bottle retails for $24.95

Why is Perfume Bad?

Conventional perfumes contain thousands of chemicals - which cause respiratory and allergic reactions, among other things. Perfumes can also easily seep into the skin. Most perfumes contain petroleum-derived products and many are not (adequately) tested before sale to consumers. Common ingredients include, mineral oil, parrafin oil, and propylene glycol, all of which are petroleum derived.

If you have skin sensitivities please be aware that while these product uses organic ingredients, you may still get a reaction, so buyer beware.

Irie Star is a member of Coop America, the Organic Trade Association, and the Natural Perfumers Guild. Based in Saint Louis, MO, Irie Star also makes and sells soy candles, bath and body products, hemp clothing and organic baby apparel.

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Blissoma BLENDS Organic Perfume Oil
Blissoma BLENDS just launched three new fall flavors in their perfume oil line. Maybe we should call these "scents" rather than perfumes because perfume has such a bad connotation. These petroleum-free, non-synthetic scents are

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