Bio-Sensing Briefs that Track Your Vitals

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Credit: No CapX 2020

Researchers from Taiwan and U.C. San Diego have developed a way to screen-print electrochemical sensors onto fabric. According to a scientific journal named Analyst (we read it on Ecouterre first), this could mean that your underwear may one day track your vitals. Could a wearable healthcare monitoring system mean fewer trips to the hospital?

Researches have identified an increasing need for home-based healthcare management systems and they are experimenting with textile-based screen-printed electrode transducers; the elastic waistband of underwear was chosen as the model, due to its direct exposure with the skin and its potential for monitoring sweat.


Biosensor briefs. Image via Ecouterre

The sensors underwent stress tests, comparable to the wearer's daily activity. It was found that they could survive bending and stretching; in some cases this even lead to enhanced signals.

Researchers noted that clothing-integrated electrochemical sensors could monitor alcohol consumption in drivers or measure the performance and stress of both soldiers and athletes and condluded that they hold considerable "promise for future healthcare, military or sport applications."

In the future, underwear drawers could do more to reveal than conceal.

Read the full report at Analyst. Our friends over at Ecouterre also wrote about the news.

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