Big Shrimpy Recycled Dog Beds

big shrimpy dog beds.jpg
Big Shrimpy dog beds are stuffed plushy-thick with nylon fleece pieces collected from the cutting room floor (instead of meeting their other potential fate—ending up in the landfill.) (Hey-does that make these beds especially good for retrievers?) Inspired by all the dog beds that are quickly thrown away because they get stinky, dirty, wear out, or can’t be thrown in the washing machine, Big Shrimpies are designed to last a long time. The beds’ most amazing feature is its ingenuity—because they can be completely dismantled in order to be washed and dried (stuffing and all), they aren’t disposable unlike so many beds without the same foresight. More cool features: The bottom and sides of the outer shell are water-resistant, 420-denier nylon pack cloth (the same durable material used in backpacks) and the inner bag is also made of water-resistant rip-stop nylon, meaning the bed will resist Fido’s snowy paws when he comes in from the cold. The sleeping surface is nylon fleece for cozy comfort. Thanks for tip Michele W! $71.25-198.50 ::Big Shrimpy [by MO]