Beyond Organic Cotton: 7 Dark Green T-Shirts We'd Actually Wear

5. Loomstate

Image via Loomstate. Loomstate has been on our radar for a few years now and with good reason. The company is fully committed to organic farming. As a brand that emerged back in 2004, Loomstate has stayed true to its values in hopes to create a demand for certified organic cotton using socially and environmentally responsible methods of production. And we sure think this company succeeded. Even its designs are a reflection of the environment.

Loomstate only works with factories that represent the "Gold Standard" or model of excellence of responsible production methods. This means all Loomstate factory partners are required to adhere to a code of conduct and must use the highest environmental and labor standards, controlling factory pollution, and enforcing fair labor as the cornerstone of the effort. The result is the highest quality of and most comfortable t-shirts made from 100 percent certified organic materials. Bonus: You can find Loomstate at Target.

6. Looptworks

Image via Looptworks.

"Reduce waste" is the mantra for Portland, Oregon-based Looptworks. The company is out to break the cycle of waste by using abandoned materials and upcycling them into meaningful, long-lasting and limited-edition products. This means that it doesn't make any new material whatsoever. When you think that every year more than 20 million tons of useful textile go to waste, every week the average textile factory produces 60,000 pounds of useful waste, and every day piles of excess fabric in landfills grow higher, we know why Looptworks is re-using this material.

7. Mission Playground

Image via Mission Playground.

Using their t-shirts as a vehicle for change, Mission Playground is an environmentally conscious clothing company who's mantra states: "Thought creates awareness, awareness creates action and action creates change." Since 2003 the company has worked hard to build a team of eco-conscious individuals dedicated to the brand's mission of protecting our playground, our earth. All of Mission Playground's tees and apparel incorporates sustainable fabrics, thought-provoking and hip graphics, and a pledge to protect the environment with a sewn-in 'EarthTip' (ours states "Plant Your Car - bus, bike, walk or carpool"). This is to encourage wearers to be part of the process and part of the change.

In addition to using organic cotton, last year Mission Playground introduced new and innovative fabrics including 100% recycled PET bird's eye knit with technical attributes, 100% merino wool jersey, 100% organic cotton poplin, and exclusive to Mission Playground is MIPAN regen recycled nylon from pre- and post-consumer waste. The company also takes great pride in supporting fair labor suppliers and continually explores new sustainable design techniques and production methods to ensure that their brand stays true to their mission. This is one company we know we'll be hearing so much more about in the future.

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