Better For GrownUps: Better For Your Itchy Nose, And the Planet Too

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Credit: Better For GrownUps
Better For GrownUps' reuseable organic cotton sateen tissues hark back to age-old idea of the hanky, yet they have the modern disposable aesthetic with their water-resistant cardboard tissue box packaging. If your nose is itching for a relief from dry tissue paper--during the unbearable flu season--click through for more.
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Credit: Better For GrownUps

When Better For GrownUps sent over samples during flu season my immune system was still thriving so I suggested my sister use them to relieve her sniffles. She enjoyed their softness and we both agreed they were a better alternative to the pile of tissues that accumulates with a cold.

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Credit: Better For GrownUps

Better For GrownUps encourages a "reusable revolution" and does not require a major change in habit to adopt their reusable products. The tissue-box design makes it simple for the consumer to use--with a secret compartment below to store the snotty, soiled ones. The tissues can then be thrown in to the laundry and come out clean, and ready for reuse. There are even directions for folding them accordion-style to have the tissues pop up one after the other. Once the box has reached the end of it's life--as a box--it can be vermicomposted.

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