Best of NY Gift Fair: Reisenthel CarryCruiser


Here's a stylish and ergonomically friendlier way of toting your groceries home, sans plastic bags and perhaps even sans car: Reisenthel's new CarryCruiser. It comes with shock-absorbing wheels, as well as a foldaway telescopic rod with a T-grip handle, to withstand curbs and bumps in the road.

You also get a large removable—and washable—liner with the capacity to hold one large shopping load. Lift up the accompanying strap to hoist the CarryCruiser onto your shoulder when moving up and down stairs, or use the lining on its own as a bag. Available in red, black, and floral, the CarryCruiser starts at $149. (Check the company's Web site for a retailer near you.) Also newish, the Mini Maxi Shopper MS, pictured below and approximately $9.99. ::Reisenthel