Best of Green: Fashion + Beauty (Slideshow)

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Update: Vote now for Best of Show!

Now that the initial voting period has ended, it's time to vote for the 'Best in Show' -- check out the category winners in the Best in Show slideshow, and then click over to Planet Green to View & Vote for your favorites. Voting ends at midnight on April 30, 2009.

The Best of Green in Fashion and Beauty

Sometimes sustainable fashion and beauty products get lost amidst the tizzy of sleek, green cars, smart architecture and alternative energy here on TreeHugger. We get it--we’re not a bunch of superficial divas. But most of us do care about feeling good and making a good first impression. Think back to that first date, job interview or public talk. Or the way you feel in those perfect-fitting jeans. After years of reviewing countless numbers of eco-friendly beauty brands, clothing lines, style tools and resources right here on TreeHugger, we’ve sifted away the eco-gems from the downright diamonds. From best green shoes to casual brand for guys, perfume, haircare, beauty blogs and more—find out which designers, companies and fashion-istas are giving sustainability the sexy name we’ve always aspired to create.

To view our picks, click on the slideshow button below or on the image above. And check back for the winners in our other six categories, which will be launched throughout the week. Agree or disagree with our choices? Let us know in the forums.

best of green fashion and beauty

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