Best of Green: Fashion & Beauty (Slideshow)

best of green fashion and beauty

- Produced by Mairi Beautyman

While green fashion and natural beauty might get lost amidst haute hybrids, architectural wonders, and renewable energy here on TreeHugger, if you're dressed or showered, this category applies to you.

After years of covering innovations in sustainable textiles; organic, natural, and chemical-laden beauty products; tracking the trends from runway to ready-to-wear, featuring up-and-coming designers who are slowing down their manufacturing process; holding fast fashion accountable for fraud and destroying clothing; and sitting front row at Green Fashion Week in New York, we've condensed our finds in to one neat, complete package. So whether you're donning denim, strapping on vegan stilettos, sitting pretty in sustainable skivvies while perusing the eco-fashion blogosphere, or lathering up with beard wash, save yourself the brainpower and consider flipping through our Best of Green Fashion & Beauty winners, the first roll-out in our Best of Green series.

Don't forget to check back for the winners in our other seven categories, which will be launched throughout the week. Agree or disagree with our choices? Let us know in the forums.

best of green fashion beauty

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