Best of Ecouterre: 7 Ways Wearable Technology Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Data-logging Baseball Shirt Photo

+ Talk about hitting the big leagues. Engineering students from Northwestern University have developed a data-logging compression shirt that helps baseball pitchers avoid torn ligaments from fatigue or poor technique.

+ If the peripheral distortion on your bulky bifocals makes your head swim, take heart. By year's end, the world's first pair of electronic spectacles will hit the market, with "surround-vision" lenses that alter their prescription whenever a small electronic current passes through them.

+ Doused in eau de stink? No sweat. Odegon Technologies' nanotech-enhanced underarm Odour Tags absorb and trap the molecules responsible for that not-so-fresh feeling.+ Slurred speech that results from a neurological injury can make it difficult to communicate with the rest of the world. One interactive-media student has created a high-tech scarf that features a pocket-cum-window for nesting a subtitles-flashing smartphone.

+ A pair of electronic underpants that send a text message every time you wet yourself may sound like the punch line of a joke, but it has real applications for the incontinent and nursing-home staff.

+ Getting inked may one day save your life. Scientists have invented a semi-permanent medical tattoos, composed of nanoparticles, as a noninvasive way for diabetics to keep tabs on their glucose levels.

+ Timbuk2 and the Portable Light Project's solar-panel-equipped FLAP bag, designed with impoverished communities living without electricity in mind, can be charged in the day, then used to power a built-in LED light--or a small mobile device--at night.

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