Best of Ecouterre: 7 Funky Eco-Fashions Made From Paper

Paper eyelashes photo

+ As delicate as lace, this collection of 100 percent paper eyelashes are based on the Chinese art of paper cutting, featuring traditional motifs like peach blossoms and horses.

+ Make your workday more festive by crafting a one-size-fits-all pleated top hat from office waste paper.

+ To mark the launch of Vivienne Westwood's range of wallpaper with Cole & Sons, the legendary designer fashioned a array of dresses from the decorative swatches. + At New York Fashion Week's the GreenShows in February, designer Gary Harvey feted a stunning gown made from 30 copies of the Financial Times.

+ Actress Julia Stiles's newspaper suit was obviously a joke, but we're open to possibilities.

+ Who say's the fashion industry is in the pooper? Pink and white toilet paper makes for surprisingly breathtaking couture.

+ These paper stilettos aren't for walking, but we're still floored by the origami-fu they took to create.

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