Best of Ecouterre: 6 Ingenious Ways to Recycle Unwanted T-Shirts

Recycled T-Shirts

+ Carry your produce home from the farmers' market in a reusable "mesh" bag, made from a single castoff T-shirt.

+ Don't waste your cash on expensive swimsuits that only last a season. Make your own sexy eco-bikini using materials you already have on hand.

+ To whip up your own braided belt or headband, simply cut a couple of shirts into strips and twist away to your heart's content.

+ More ambitious? Lash a few shirts together to make a portable tent for your backyard.

+ Designer Angela Johnson has upcycled fashion down to a T. She cobbles together preloved stock into daring couture creations.

+ Cut, shredded, and reknit, old T-shirts transform into feathered flights of fancy under Stacey J. Lee's keen eye.

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