Best of Ecouterre: 6 Glow-in-the Dark Gear For Cycling at Night

Night cycling clothing photo

+ Few designers know chic better than Stella McCartney. Her latest collection for Adidas includes a range of glow-in-the-dark, all-weather clothing and shoes--perfect for nocturnal cyclists.

+ High visibility doesn't have to mean looking like a walking Lite-Brite, as Wendy Legro's elegant LED jacket attests.

+ Angella Mackey's light-up LED bike coat compromises neither form nor function, with subtle LED embellishments that accentuate, not dominate.+ For two-wheeling dudes, this reversible TRON-inspired jacket looks like regular street attire by day, but catches light with strategically positioned reflective stripes at night.

+ It's only conceptual at this point, but the Rilfa line by Scully is a deft marriage of organic wool, vegan leather, and reflective trim for eco-chic bike-riders.

+ When the mercury falls, savvy urban cyclists can add some extra peace of mind with LFLECT, a range of high-visibility knit accessories become illuminated at night--without the use of batteries or complicated circuitry.

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