Bejewel Mom With Green Bling, Recycled and Sustainable, On Mother's Day

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(Justin Giunta's Subversive Jewelry is hot on the catwalk, and the recycled clusters of necklaces could make Mom smile.)

There is no end to pretty recycled treasures and baubles we feature on TreeHugger. But if your mom isn't the type to carry a purse (no matter how chic!) made from inner tubes, or recycled earrings from bottle caps, then we have the ultimate resource —- picked from an influential fashion editor in New York.

A couple of weeks ago, I interviewed Marilyn Kirschner the editor of the fashion insider newsletter for the boutique designer jewelry website Gallery Atlantic. Marilyn's reporting on the all the major fashion events in New York, and I wanted her opinion on some of the most exciting green trends. And — designers— that cater to more of an upscale aesthetic, like Mom's. Some of Marilyn's pics are:

Subversive Jewelry's Justin Giunta. His recycled designs have a "More is More" aesthetic that makes us think of swathes of artfully draped loot, from a pirate's treasure. Kirschner characterizes Giunta's jewelry as "Very baroque looking, but very cool and hip."

Giunta's necklaces drip with cascades of chains, stranded lockets, brooches, and clusters of enormous faux pearls and improbable beads. This hot designer's pieces are often featured in the latest fashion shows. Mom will love it.

Natural Jewels by Caboclo Jewellery features objects found on the rainforest floors, handmade by the local artisans of Brazil's Amazon river region. They use a variety of materials gleaned from the area - the seeds of plants are mixed with stones, bone, fiber, leather, mother-of-pearl and other natural materials - to create one-of-a-kind treasures. Steampunk, Goth and neo Victorian style combine vintage objects from the thrift store and the attic with magical results. Buttons, beads, appliqué, watch mechanisms and retro jewelry are fantastically transformed into delicately tongue-in-cheek works of wearable art that trendy Moms will love.

On the higher end of the green jewelry tree hang Danforth Diamonds, Brilliant Earth, and GreenKarat.

All three companies offer gems that are conflict free and of ethical origin in settings that are recycled from scrap precious metal or post-consumer sources. Danforth Diamonds offers rings that use eco-friendly recycled precious metals "Refined, Not Mined," and conflict-free diamonds or diamonds sourced from Canada. The Canadian diamonds are mined according to strict standards set out by the government of the Northwest Territories to protect the Arctic environment and the mine workers. The Harmony Recycled Precious Metals are reclaimed from precious metal scrap.

To hear and read the whole interview, visit Gallery Atlantic.
(Kirschner was quick to tell me that "The ultimate recycling is wearing vintage," of course.)

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If you are a mid-range to upper-range jewelry designer (selling for $300 up to about $4,000), please be in touch with Gallery Atlantic, who are now offering free online storefront opportunities for new jewelry designers, green or less green.

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