Beeline Beauty Boasts Better Bees


Never mind not-so-natural nostrums made with weirdly wonton wonders that benefit already bountiful bosses. Beeline honey-based beauty products are made with lots of luscious golden honey untampered by preservatives like paraben and formaldehyde. Instead, these products are able to offer the full benefits of the sweet stuff (antioxidant, moisturizing, healing) because they do not contain synthetic ingredients that prevent honey’s beneficial compounds from being absorbed into the skin. Organic? you ask. Probably not, as the honey comes from city bees that likely visit conventionally grown flower gardens. Raised by participants in the social purpose business Sweet Beginnings, the little buzzers gather nectar from urban blossoms that may give the final product a sweeter taste due to the diversity and frequency of blooms. Sweet Beginnings employs residents of the North Lawndale community of Chicago who are often locked out of the traditional labor market due to past criminal records and other barriers to employment. The enterprise provides men and women who are re-entering the community from prison opportunities to establish a work history, learn work habits, and gain skills as a stepping stone to further employment.

TreeHuggers will truly treasure these terrific topicals! Thank you for the tip Maureen! Sweet Beginnings, LLC

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