Beauty: Nano-Steam Perm To Avoid Toxic Chemicals

A Tokyo hair salon claims to be the first to use "nano-steam" perm as a way to avoid the harmful chemicals commonly used in beauty salons. Insolite also carbon offsets its CO2 emissions (another first for a Tokyo hair salon) and works with Aveda to provide safe, pleasant hair care to its customers. Using ultra-fine steam with a water droplet diameter of 1.5 nanometers (one billionth of a meter) or less, they clean the hair, washing away any impurities, to get natural curls. Well? Have a look at their stylists. If it works, I bet it will be making ladies (and men) more beautiful and happy, not only in Tokyo, but all over.

I'm a fan of clay treatment, using natural clay, which Aveda gets from the Kochi area here in Japan (they also have a great cafe in trendy Minami-Aoyama, Tokyo) but Dr. Hauschka is probably even more careful about its organic & vegan ingredients.

In September 2003, Aveda opened its first Lifestyle Salon and Spa in Japan, a Tokyo site in which aesthetics and environmentalism share equal space. Its purpose: to connect a new community of people to a life style grounded in wellness, beauty and environmental responsibility. In every aspect—from its pure plant products to its organic cafe to its ecological design—the site embodies the spirit and practice of the Aveda mission.

When Aveda came to Tokyo, they thought about how their shop's location would minimize its ecological impact:
• Fixtures and furniture throughout are made with Tamo Oak, a locally sourced wood harvested to control soil erosion
• Wood flooring and stairs are Sokoita wood, reclaimed from a demolished century-old farmhouse in Hida Takayama
• Cabinets are made from compressed corn sorghum stalks
• Solar panels are installed on the roof to facilitate energy efficiency
• Walls are finished with low VOC (volatile organic compound) paints that are non-toxic and non-polluting
• Bicycle parking is provided, to encourage cleaner means of travel

For a long time, Shabondama, a Japanese soap company, has been the leader of safe, healthy soap production in Japan. I wonder why they never tried to expand to markets overseas!

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