Beauty Lab: Organic Wear Eye Shadow from Physicians Formula

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Like most of you, we have to walk through the cosmetic department of our local pharmacy to pick up a prescription. Normally we'd breeze down the aisle, which is full of colors, smells, and bright lights, but last week the label Organic Wear caught our eye. Made by Physicians Formula, which has been a pharmacy staple for a number of years, Organic Wear is 100% natural origin makeup and offers various powders, bronzers, foundation, mascara, and just about any other product made from a popular brand. But it was the pretty "Blue Eyes Organics" that we found our hand reaching for out of the bunch.This eye shadow duo was not only appealing because of the colors, but because of the packaging as well. Organic Wear's products are made from an eco-conscious paper compact, which uses 93% less plastic than your traditional compact. Combine that with an EcoCert label (the only organic certification for color cosmetics) and the fact that Organic Wear is 100% free of harsh chemicals, synthetic preservatives, parabens, GMO's, synthetic colors, and synthetic fragrances, and we were on our way to the check-out lane.

We like how light the "Blue Eyes Organics" eye shadow is, and that we don't have to use a lot to get the look we want. It held up after a night on the town, without those awful eyelid creases, and we still needed to use our eye makeup remover at the end of the night. We really like the magnetic closure, ensuring that we can throw it into our purse or travel bag, not to mention the price of around just $8.00. Combine with the "Black Sea Organics" eye pencil and "Black Organics" mascara and you've got nothing but all-natural results. Organic Wear

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