Beautiful Herb-Infused Organic Clothing for Fall 2010 (Photos)

ado clothing photo

A.D.O. herb-infused organic cotton dress with coconut buttons. Credit: A.D.O.

The key to curing arthritis, insomnia, or bronchitis could be in your clothes. A.D.O. Clothing follows ayurvastra, a branch of traditional Indian ayurvedic medicine that translates literally to "life or health-clothing." The New Jersey-based label marries herb-infused organic cotton and rich, naturally-dyed hues with modern designs for fall 2010. Click through for photos and more on ayurvedic treatment. Whether you believe that ayurvastra can cure ailments like eczema, arthritis, diabetes, and rheumatism, or not (its medicinal properties have not been varified by the FDA), the process of creating ayuvastric cloth is entirely sustainable, free from synthetic dyes, pesticides, or chemicals. Anjelika Krishna, founder and designer A.D.O. Clothing, describes the process, below.

Each strand of yarn is infused with hand-picked natural ingredients such as pomegranate seeds, turmeric, lemon, basil, etc...And as you wear these garments, infused herbs could exhale into your skin, making you feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and jovial.

If you visit A.D.O Clothing you can see which herbs were used to create each shade of fabric and find its corresponding healing properties. For example, the naturally bleached white fabric is useful with insomnia, arthritis, and has cooling properties. A.D.O. Clothing is made in fair trade factories in India and in the New York garment district.

ado hood photo

Maya wood button-front, organic tie hood.
ado fall 2010 photo

Chelsea long sleeve top, Mira Shorts with ties, Eternity Scarf with fringe. clothing photo

Ria Easy Pants, Chelsea long sleeve top, a.d.o tie-dye scarf.
Layla dress image

Layla color block dress with braided tie.
anya wrap top image

Anya long sleeve, Shawl Collar wrap top, Rani Harem capri pant.
All images courtesy of A.D.O. Clothing. More: A.D.O. Clothing

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