Beautiful Handbags - From Your Cat's Fur

"Chatangora" — that's what Simpsonville, South Carolina-based business Catty Shack Creations is calling "cat hair yarn" — used to create affordable, one-of-a-kind handbags from Persian and Angora cat hair. Professional groomer Danelle German came up with the idea when one of her clients asked to make yarn out of her Angora bunny's leftover fur. After hours of experimenting with a friend's spinning wheel and utilizing her felting and knitting experience, she was able to turn unwanted cat hair into something usable and unique.

Though the idea may seem strange at first, it is actually a great, crafty way to recycle large amounts of (clean) pet fur that is otherwise left to waste. After all, if we use sheep and llama fur, then reusing cat and dog fur is really not so far-fetched.

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