Beau Soleil Eco-Dresses by Anne Salvatore Epstein


It seems that many couples become inspired to start living more eco-consciously once they are expecting. And it seems once they start doing research on their everyday goods, they want to take it a step further and inspire others to do the same.

Such is the story of Anne Salvatore Epstein, a clothing designer from New York City who we've briefly mentioned before. When Epstein discovered she was pregnant, she and her husband morphed their "overly excessive" New York City lifestyle into one that is "simple, modern and organic." With the launch of her eco-friendly dress collection, Beau Soleil (named after her favorite oyster), Epstein incorporates this vision perfectly. Each piece simple yet modern and is made using bamboo fabric, vegetable-dyed organic cotton, recycled leather trims, and Tencel (made from eucalyptus trees).

We love the "Beau Ball" (shown above), a four-tiered strapless dress that's perfect for dressy occasions. While Epstein keeps the focus of her business on sustainability and fair trade, we’re wondering if those oysters are sustainably harvested. Heh. Via ::Daily Candy ::Beau Soleil

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