"Beat Poverty" Event On World Fair Trade Day In Japan

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The good people over at People Tree are a real insipration here in Japan. This year's World Fair Trade Day was no exception: 800 people showed up to watch their fashion show, there was Taiko drumming by Gocoo, a celebrated band with a lot of energy (watch the video below the fold) and other fashion-related events. Says Safia Minney:

Whether you attended a World Fair Trade Day event or not the biggest support you can give is buying Fair Trade and telling your friends about it.

Video: Taiko drumming by Gocoo to "Beat Poverty"

This year, World Fair Trade Day was celebrated in some 90 countries.

It encircled the earth with the roar of drums and the powerful glow of sustainable consciousness: a global festival of events that passed through every continent:

Hands will beat, feet will tap, and times will change. Poverty, Climate Change and Economic Crisis are from the same place – greed and ignorance. It’s time we all did something about it - it’s time to change. We don’t have to wreck the future to meet the needs of today. BIG BANG!! 09MAY 09 a global festival of drumming events to promote a Fair Trade solution to poverty, climate change and economic crisis - BEAT POVERTY BEAT CLIMATE CHANGE BEAT ECONOMIC CRISIS BEAT A DRUM

They even got Annie Lennox and Paul McCartney to drum up support, as well as Desmond Tutu and G9rilla, and others.

People Tree, Avanti and Patagonia are the real pioneers for organic cotton in Japan. They have been working in organic cotton for over 12 years and have developed some of the best fabrics and clothes in the international market. They are often inviting activists from producing countries to Roppongi Hills, a gleaming building in the heart of Tokyo, hosting press conferences, where Japan's journalists are briefed on the issues facing cotton farmers worldwide. People Tree's catalogue and the online shop are also popular: lots of stuff available by mail order in case you don't live near a real shop. They also work with local designers like Tsumori Chisato and Taishi Nobukuni.

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