BE CARBON NEUTRAL: Reclaimed Silver Jewelry with a Message


"Global warming" or "carbon neutrality" aren't usually the first words that pop to mind when you say "silver jewelry," but that's what the BE CARBON NEUTRAL collection of special edition jewelry is going for. Mentioned by TH pal Summer Rayne Oakes on a recent House & Garden magazine video podcast (we mentioned it yesterday), the collection of jewelry is made from reclaimed silver in a carbon-neutral production shop in Manhattan by jewelry designer Anthony Aletto. Featuring a range of jewelry including rings (pictured above), pendants, necklaces, bracelets and more, the purchase of each product results in the neutralization of one month of your carbon emissions.

While TreeHugger agrees that carbon offsets are not a silver bullet-solution to climate change, nor an excuse to cover up your continued pumping of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere at will, we like the business model. Distilling global warming down to a personal level is tough -- it's a big, big problem -- so providing tangible context in the form of beautiful jewelry is beneficial to anyone who thinks the problem is too big to deal with and doesn't know how to help, and to anyone who wants to buy jewelry (and for whom plastic or cork won't do the job) while considering the planet's best interests at the same time. Hit the jump for more details and more pics, including what Al Gore looks like wearing a piece from the collection. ::BE CARBON NEUTRAL


In addition to the offsets that come with a purchase, an e-greening guide accompanies each new piece to its new home, in the hopes that it will help inform and inspire its wearer to greater green goodness. The guide to lowering your carbon footprint is based on research done by Green Design, a sustainable design firm, and Live Earth's Global Warming Survivors Handbook by David de Rothschild (here's Part 1 and Part 2 of TreeHugger's interview with David de Rothschild). To this point, attempts to "sex up" global warming, to raise awareness and try to inspire more people take action, have been at least partially unsuccessful. Will jewelry be the way to bring climate change to the masses? Al Gore thinks it might (see below); we'll have to wait and see if the rest of the world agrees. ::BE CARBON NEUTRAL




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