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Green fashion must really be making an impact--the BBC, Britain's venerable public broadcaster, has started an on-line fashion magazine. Called Thread. Fashion Without Victim, it is dedicated to bringing the "latest of eco-fabulous style". Through a "unique mix of affordable fashion, exclusive videos, photo galleries and thought-provoking features" the site is committed to promoting all aspects of ethical fashion. It is done with a lot of style, great photos and the latest fashion tips. Regular features include: the A-Z of fashion, Style File, and information about the hottest ethical brands on the High Street and in the shops. The slick design makes the site fun to use, and it will definitely appeal to young, fashion-minded people. It's also a opportunity for some of the up and coming designers out there.

For Treehugger readers much of the information will be familiar. But there is always something new: the video of the t.v. show "Blood Sweat and T-shirts" is on-show. It is a series about sending 6 young fashion hounds to India to work in the sweat shops and learn about the dark side of the fast fashion industry --fascinating and eye-opening stuff. Check the Label decodes how to read the provenance of your purchases and a complete list of the ethical organisations involved in the fashion arena is a useful guide for future reference. And the latest style tips: stripes, denim and red skinny jeans--but of course you knew that already. :: BBC Thread
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