Baumm: Banner Bags Made in Buenos Aires


Inspired by Freitag’s fantastic idea (to make designer bags from recycled truck’s tarpaulins), industrial designer Rodrigo Chapero and photographer and designer Lucas Desimone started Baumm. Their idea was to re-interpret that of Freitag’s, but they found that in Argentina trucks are not obliged to change their tarpaulins, so they moved to advertising banners. After collecting banners from different companies they contacted a big firm called Omnigraphics and got to an agreement: the company would give them all the banners for free, but they had to donate an amount of money to a non-governmental-organization (they chose Tendiendo Puentes, which helps homeless kids). So now, Baumm’s bags are not only environmental, but also socially friendly. They have five different models of bags and purses, and they recently reached an agreement with Adidas to make a whole line with that brand’s used advertising banners. The two designers are also developing lamps, but they’re not ready yet. Sale is totally online through their website, and they ship worldwide. Prices go from 40 to 150 Argentinean pesos (about 15 to 50 US dollars). For similar work in Chile check Modulab’s work. ::Baumm