Batman Beware — Overland Working on Eco-tility Belt


Okay, so maybe not a belt exactly, but certainly useful bags to carry around your equipment for time fighting. Overland have long made sharp, durable, urban luggage. For the northern spring 2007, they are endeavouring to give their line a green flavour, with the introduction of the Eco-tility Collection. In two styles, for men and for women, the bags have the common thread of being made biodegradable Waxwear cotton canvas (in two weights). To offer some of the weather protection found in coated nylon products, the cotton is treated with a wax and oil finish "using century-old techniques."To enhance longevity the base of the bags is layered with recycled rubber. No pics around just yet, but you can see the current line at ::Overland Equipment, via SNEWS.