Barneys SVP Julie Gilhart on Slow Fashion, Quality Clothing, and the Changing Times


Barneys SVP Julie Gilhart speaks at the Fashion Summit in Copenhagen. Image via Ecouterre

In a recent interview's editor in chief, Dirk Standen, speaks to Julie Gilhart, SVP and fashion director Barneys New York, on the future of fashion. As a major influencer and proponent of eco fashion, Gilhart says, "buy quality, know what you're buying, buy things that are going to last a long time and that you're going to wear frequently." Click through for more highlights from the interview:

I want to be part of something that's contributing to a better environment, and so whatever little we can do, I'm going to try to do that. So it means supporting people that you believe really want to try to do a better job in that way, and actually it goes back to some of the things that the customers really want. They want things that are made well, that are made in a conscious way, that have long-term values, that are beautiful. All of that is part of the story. It's not just about eco and organic.

In the city that never sleeps Gilhart stresses the need for everything to slow down, below.

Everything is moving too fast, way too fast. Whatever we can do to slow it down, I'm all for. But again, it's going back to fashion being a reflection of the times. Things are moving too fast. We have to build into our system spaces where we can be creative, where we can rest.

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