Banner To Bags: A Great Way To Renovate

Some eco-treats are just best (or only able to be) coveted from afar, and that's how it's been between me and the great recycled-sailcloth bags from Red Flag Design - based in Vancouver, B.C. Both Red Flag's original duffel bag and tote designs are unique, with rounded shaping, great attention to detail and excellent use of the sailcloth to make hand-stitched, individualized bags. But at $275 for the duffel and $175 for the tote, they have never fit my budget.

Now Red Flag is tempting my resolve with a new bag design called Postal that could easily fit a laptop and its accessories plus a lot of stray papers, making Postal look like their most versatile and useful shape yet. While the different available models of Postal on their web site are all classic, Red Flag has also made a vaguely Postal-style bag for the Grand Theatre in Calgary that comes in some very enticing patterns. When the Grand did a recent renovation and had a huge PVC plastic tarp hiding the building exterior, Red Flag was commissioned to remake the discarded construction banner into around 100 waterproof shoulder bags. The Postal's available at the Red Flag web site for CAN $215 - the Theatre bags from the theater itself for CAN $215. Via ::RedFlagDesign

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