Anna Roebuck studied fine art at Edinburgh College of Art nearly a decade and half ago, later going onto work in paper pulp. Which may be where she learnt some lessons applicable to her proprietary process for heat fusing the plastic of discarded shopping bags into durable jewellery and lighting pieces. Given it took her five years to master the process, one can see why she might be a bit possessive of the technology she employs. All she gives away is, that "the bags and other materials are collaged together, using heat to bond them. Each piece is built up in layers, gradually creating an intricate design. They are then formed in to different shapes, using specialist tooling." The results seems to attract the right attention though, because she has been the recipient of the UK Gift of the Year Award for Fashion in both 2002 and 2004. And what an inspired business name. Though if no-plastic-bag-shopping really takes off, she might need to diversify. ::Bags 2 Riches, via Dish.

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